Jonathan’s Role: In-house creative for Wix
Date: Dec. 2015
Advertising agency: Les Argentins, Argentina


Back in 2015, the French Public was being introduced to as an easy-to-use website building platform. Jonathan was given the task of helping to come up with a TV ad concept that would get small business owners in France to open up sites for their businesses.

Jonathan saw this is an opportunity to address the fear of technology for these small business owners.
Working alongside with the Argentinian advertising agency Les Argentins, he not only helped them in coming up with the story and storyboard process but also helped tailor the look and feel of the video by assisting with the selection of the video’s actors, car, location, and wardrobe.

Jade & Gabi: French 45sec from Jonathan Kahn on Vimeo.

The below ad ran for a month on French national TV and tripled Wix’s site visitors within five minutes of its first airing. The ad opens with an entrepreneurial couple restoring a vintage car. As the camera moves away, we see them transforming their garage into a custom-made website for their restoration business.

And of course, we created the below Wix template for the commercial:

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