Jonathan’s Role: In-house creative for Wix 
Date: 2015 
Competition platform: Studyka

Trying to break into the French student market, Wix needed to get entrepreneurial students to see the platform as an early solution for their future businesses. Jonathan had to come up with a concept that would
acquire users offline at the PSB Paris School of Business, as it wasn’t possible to find them through online ads.
For the chance to win various sums of prize money, French students were asked
to submit their startup ideas on a Wix site as part of a school-wide competition.

The campaign’s success exposed tens of thousands of people to the brand and led to the creation of hundreds of websites on the platform.

Wix gained even more brand exposure once the French media ran stories about the competition.

WIX INNOVATION CHALLENGE from Jonathan Kahn on Vimeo.

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